Please help me with this question please helpWhat do we know about? Defund The Police #ACAB Abolishment of Policing Cops Out of Schools ( please try

Please help me with this question please help What do we know about? Defund The Police #ACAB Abolishment of Policing Cops Out of Schools ( please try to focus on Canadian perspectives as each country is different) 1, What does each movement stand for? 2. Why do they want transformation rather than reform? 3. What are examples of reform? 4. What do they want to see happen? 5. Are there any jurisdictions where these have been successfully implemented ( not #acab... but the others) 6. What sources did you use? 7. What is your opinion?

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1. Why was the rise of the conservative movement significant?

A.  The moral majority was one group that helped elect Ronald Reagan.

The moral majority was a coalition of christians, especially evangelical christians, who were affiliated with the political party. These conservatives were crucial in the election of Ronald Reagan.

2. Which of these was a goal of Reagan’s conservative movement?

C.  to reduce divisions related to race, ethnicity, or economic situations

That would be the closest answer, but Reagan's conservative movement was actually more concerned with the promotion of conservative policies like anti-abortion and anti-drug policies, and with economic policies like cutting taxes, or regulations.

3. What were the goals of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis group?

D.  to provide counseling and legal assistance, and raise money for those with HIV/AIDS

The Gay Men's Health Crisis group was founded in New York in 1982. It took the name from the Health crisis that gay men were suffering during the 1980s due to the emergence of HIV/AIDS.

4. How did “trickle-down economics” differ from economic strategies used in previous administrations?

C.  It involved cutting taxes for those at the top of the economic ladder.

Tricke-down economics is the idea that wealth obtained by those a the top of the economic ladder, with time, will trickle-down to those at the bottom. Because of this reasoning, the Reagan Administration cut taxes of the rich, and of corporations.

6. Which of these is true about the effects of Ronald Reagan’s policies on Americans?

C.  Reagan’s policies contributed to a decline in living standards for the working class.

Ever since Reagan became president, income and wealth inequality in the United States have risen, and real wages have stagnated. This has reduced the quality of life of the working class in relative terms.

7. Drag the Cold War policies to categorize them as from Reagan’s administration or from previous administrations. Each category will contain two examples.

resumed positive relations with China and other nations with Communist histories - corresponds to the Nixon Administration.

called the Soviet Union an “evil empire” that was still aggressive - corresponds with the Reagan Administration. Reagan's rethoric against the Soviet Union was particularly aggressive.

used brinksmanship, or policy in which the United States pushed a dangerous issue looking for the best outcome for its side - corresponds to the Reagan Administration.

opposed the spread of Communism in Latin America by supporting other leaders - correspond to previous administrations.

9. What challenges did NATO face in the 1980s?

C.  Aggressive talk between the United States and the Soviet Union intensified.

Reagan's rethoric against the Soviet Union was a lot more aggressive than that of his predecessors.

10. What caused the collapse of the Soviet Union?

D.  economic issues and peaceful demonstrations by Soviet citizens

The Soviet Union entered bankruptcy due to poor economic performance, and citizens from all the republics began to protest and demand for the break up of the union.

11. How did the U.S. public respond to Operation Desert Storm?

B.  The public considered Operation Desert Storm a huge success.

The Operation Desert Storm was very popular with the American public because the U.S. military managed to defend Kuwait from the much larger and aggressive Iraq.

12. What was George H.W. Bush’s approach to issues such as education and drug reform?

A.  Bush believed that a greater police presence and strict rules would reduce the drug problems.

Bush was a conservative, and most conservative are in favor of drug interditction. Bush supported a greater push to the war on drugs that Nixon started in the 1970s.



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Okay so I looked up the test you are taking and here is the actual question

Starting with this moment in the play, explore how Shakespeare presents the attitudes of  Macbeth and Banquo towards the supernatural.

Write about:

• how Shakespeare presents the attitudes of Macbeth and Banquo towards the  supernatural in this extract

• how Shakespeare presents the attitudes of Macbeth and Banquo towards the  supernatural in the play as a whole



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