Find one example of satire, irony, and/or sarcasm from ‘The Devil’s Dictionary’. Identify what type of example it is (satire, irony,

Find one example of satire, irony, and/or sarcasm from "The Devil’s Dictionary". Identify what type of example it is (satire, irony, and/or sarcasm). Then explain how Ambrose Bierce used this form of indirect communication, why he used it, and what he was truly communicating.

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d) sarah's natural reaction to being accepted into college suggests that she has no other dreams.



a) why did you buy only one bunch of bananas ? it's not enough for the party .

b) can i have a carton of juice, ? it looks very fresh !

c) a kilo of milk ? that's 2 pounds, .

d) i've got only one bar of chocolate . you can have a half of it .

e) cut just a small slice of cheese for me . i'm trying to lose weight .

f) do you want a bowl of soup ? it's delicious !

g) can i have a tin of biscuits, ?

h) do you want a loaf of bread ? i bought three .

i) let's buy a glass of wine to celebrate our wedding anniversary !

j) don't leave the jar of honey on the table . the kids will break it .

k) we need to buy some sweets and a bottle of coke .

l) would you like a cup of hot tea ? you've got a cold !

m) can i have a piece of chocolate cake, ? it's my favourite dessert .

n) i bought a beautiful packet of flowers for my mum's birthday .

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sensory details?

so i`m assuming you are writing something from a bats (the animal) point of view. if this is the case, you can use sights, sounds, feelings, and tastes.

and idk what you mean by domain, but all of the sensory details will depend on where the bat is.

a bat doesn't see color very well, so its surroundings will be dulled.

it can hear super well. so maybe it can hear the insects on the ground

feelings. you can imagine how a bat would feel from its perspective. it all depends on where it lives.

maybe it can taste the salt in the air, or smell water, or something. all of these details are completely dependent on where it is located.

hope this .



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i’m i haven’t read that. also you can’t really expect someone to write it for you. use your own knowledge and skill and i am sure you’ll get it!

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